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The Wolfes



We grew up in neighboring towns so it was no surprise that our mutual friends crossed paths. We first met in college as 2 young and naive kids with no immediate plans to settle down-but our fun and friendly relationship quickly turned into something more. In July of 2011, Zac was in a life-changing accident when he was 19 years old. After the accident, our relationship became even more serious- we were inseparable. Brittney still had a few more years of college to finish her BSN- Zac spent many weekends with her at college and didn’t let his injury slow his life down. We got engaged in February 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA. Our 2- year engagement allowed us to learn more about each other and gave Zac the opportunity to focus on his recovery/rehabilitation and Brittney was able to begin her nursing career as an RN. We bought our home in St. Marys, PA in December 2014 and got married August 2015- there was not a dry eye during our ceremony as Zac was able to walk, unassisted, down the aisle.  Our love continues to grow for each other each and every day and we feel blessed to be able to share our lives together. Our infertility struggle began shortly after marriage and continued until 2023. We have both always dreamed of having a big family and infertility made us realize that it isn’t about HOW we become parents that matters to us- it is about parenthood itself- and that steered us in the direction of adoption as our path to parenthood and we couldn’t be more excited to begin our journey with Charlie, Knox, Noa, and Navie.


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