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About Brittney

written by Zac


Brittney is a smart, independent, and caring woman. She is a very devoted person whether it be with family, work, or a stranger passing by. She can dress up or dress down and be just as beautiful either way. She is great at balancing work and fun and is always the one to plan our adventures. She is sure we always make the time for the ones we love and she holds our family as her top priority. She loves to dance and sing (as painful as it may be for those listening.. LOL) and loves concerts and any form of live music. She is a great cook who loves to try new recipes but definitely doesn’t enjoy the clean-up after wards. She is incredibly patient, dedicated, and loving with our dog, Otto, and I know she will be the same with our future kids. She excels in almost everything she does which makes it so much harder to tell her she isn’t ALWAYS right. Brittney has been employed as a Registered Nurse with a local home health agency for the past 7 years and she is extremely passionate about her job. I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard what a wonderful nurse she is from her former patients- I know she has made a lasting impression on several lives and will continue to make a difference in every person she meets. 

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