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About Zac

written by Brittney


Zac was born and raised in Johnsonburg, PA- and from the stories I am told, he was ALL BOY, ALL THE TIME. Whether it was jumping his pedal-bike over a dirt ramp at 3 years old in his grandparents back yard or jumping his motor bike at 14 years old and wrecking- he is definitely what you would call a “motor head.” It came as no surprise that Zac ended up life-flighted 3 times in his life because of his non-stop and adventurous ways. I thank God to this day that we crossed paths with each other, mostly because I think I keep him grounded and out of trouble 😊 I believe that Zac’s attitude towards life is rooted by his upbringing in wrestling as a kid. Zac is very disciplined, dedicated, and driven and I know he will make the most amazing father-figure to a child. Zac is always the kids’ favorite and will definitely be the “fun” parent- mostly because he is truly a kid at heart. Zac has taught me so much about life- patience, acceptance, and motivation are his strong qualities. Being in a wheelchair has not slowed him down one bit- and I admire him for being able to persevere in life and not let his injury hold him back. Zac contributes just as much as any able-bodied person to our home/family. He works, drives, and does housework (thankfully he actually enjoys cleaning). Zac is currently employed in the Quality Department at a local powdered metal industry and he recently started a personal/motivational blog, Adaptive Outdoorz LLC, to show the world that a disability does not define a person.

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